We help organisations, agencies and companies with asset rich environments to manage and make more informed decisions about their infrastructure assets.


Yotta is a connected asset management software and services provider. We empower organisations to make better, more informed decisions by ensuring our Customers systems, assets and people are connected, and the data they produce is structured and captured to provide operational insight.

Innovation is at the heart of everything we do and data drives us forward.

We understand our customer's needs and provide them with revolutionary connected asset management solutions utilising our industry-leading software and consultancy services.

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It's happening all around us and the digital transformation of public services requires new technology, processes and a different way of thinking. Alloy is the only platform available which brings people, assets and systems together with data at the very core. Alloy has been created in response to the digital revolution and is designed to sit at the heart of your organisation's digital transformation strategy.

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The world around us is changing, with ever increasing data and connectivity and a need to maximise the value from this. Alloy will future proof organisations allowing connectivity of assets and data types, helping organisations make smarter, better decisions and maximise their efficiency.

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Take the next step forwards in Asset Management by adopting a whole-life approach with Horizons Visualised Asset Management Software.

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Mayrise offers a complete range of asset management modules across the highways realm, designed to help you manage your asset better. Created with both managers and end users in mind, the modules are designed to help you provide the best service whilst maintaining cost and operational efficiencies.

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The adoption of smart technologies is already part of the core business of government, and the organisational transformation required within local and central government authorities to keep up with the pace of change is significant.

That’s where we come in. Our software solution Alloy can manage the asset type portfolio across a variety of asset types, systems and tasks all in one programme.

We manage smart city technology.

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Yotta have been fully engaged in this process since the beginning and eager to work closely with us to develop innovative solutions to these kinds of highway maintenance challenges.

Jonathan Westell, Highways Contracts & Delivery Manager, Highways and Infrastructure Service, Brent Council

Horizons’ high-quality visualisation capabilities make it a great presentation tool. We can use it to engage with all our stakeholders to show how different maintenance options will impact on the future condition of the whole network.

Jim Turton, Engineering and Flood Risk Manager, Warrington Borough Council

Horizons has really changed the way we have conversations at budget time; it enables us to have that evidence conversation.

East Sussex Council

Working in partnership with Yotta has enabled us to raise standards in highways asset management across the county, while at the same time delivering operational efficiencies and driving down costs.

Tracy Jessop, Assistant Director, Communities and Environmental Services, Norfolk County Council
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