Digital Transformation

Yotta is a connected asset management provider that enables organisations to turn data into decisions that drive digital transformation, competitive advantage and business success.

Why Yotta for
Digital Transformation

Connected asset management in the digital age can be a complex balancing act – how do you get the most out of systems, assets and people? How can you extract meaningful insight from the data you collect?

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Digital transformation requires a significant change in the way local authorities do business, but it also represents an incredible opportunity to introduce operational efficiencies that will improve service and expand the scope of what is possible within strict budgetary parameters.

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A single digital view
Bring your finance, CRM, asset and waste management, permits and planning together for a single view of your organisation’s assets and workflows.

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Go digital across your operations
Improve your organisation’s responsiveness by digitising your operations and your customer relationship management. Our platform Alloy can manage interactions with customers from start to finish, from receiving fault reports, complaints and requests for service, to initiating an internal response, and providing updates on progress to the customer via a range of channels including social media and SMS alerts.

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Introduce IoT technology
Integrate IoT technologies that are in use to monitor and control your street lights, drains, waste bins, bridges and more.

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Gather insight from data
Collect and analyse data from these IoT connected assets and devices and use it to drive collaboration, innovation and efficiency.

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Secure connected asset management
Yotta’s platforms securely connect your software programmes and apps to your IoT connected assets and devices, creating a single solution for asset & maintenance management.

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Yotta: a digital transformation partner
We are the ideal partner for local authorities undergoing the process of digital transformation because our decades of knowledge and experience have been distilled into our software platforms, embodying our data-driven approach to decision making.

A Yotta Perspective

Yotta understands digital transformation is about more than operational efficiencies. It can help organisations deliver broader economics, environmental and social benefits that positively impact the wider community.  By bringing assets, systems and people together, organisations are able to, not only drive efficiencies, but also ensure operational processes and service delivery are scalable and future proofed.

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