Alloy is the future of infrastructure asset management. The world around us is changing, technology and IoT are driving that change.  This leads to ever increasing data and the need for 24/7/365 connectivity and of course the need to maximise the value we can gain from this.

data visualisation

Amazing data visualisation

Software today has to empower users by helping them make sense of their data and the outcomes of decisions. Alloy uses data visualisation to provide a new level of usability to end users to empower them to get the most from their assets.

enterprise strength

Enterprise strength, user specific

Alloy is the smart city solution of the future.

Whether you are managing a complex network of assets across your organisation or just a single asset type, Alloy can help you do it better. Alloy connects assets, systems and people, increasing efficiency and improving decision making capability

fully mobile


Alloy is designed to keep your workforce mobile and efficient. Multi-platform applications are available to ensure you have the correct data at all times and can work efficiently and productively knowing you have Alloy at your fingertips.

Design Your Own
Asset Types

Designer in Assets Core allows you to design the asset you want to manage. You can define and configure assets, componentising and adding attributes and giving you full flexibility around your organisation.

Alloy represents the new generation of Connected Asset Management.

powerful workflow


Ensure information gets to the right people in real time and increase the level of transparency you have over your assets. Alloy’s in-built workflow engine will ensure as data is updated or new events are captured, that your systems will be updated in real-time and notifications sent to whomever needs to know.

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Alloy Mobile

Alloy is Yotta’s industry-leading Connected Asset Management software solution, and it’s now available in mobile form as an app that is fully integrated with the Alloy platform.

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Alloy Media

Alloy in 150 seconds

A 150 second overview of our Connected Asset Management System, Alloy.

Connected Asset Management

A demonstration video of our Connected Asset Management System, Alloy.

Alloy Demonstration

A brief demonstration of the key features of Yotta's Connected Asset Management Software Platform: Alloy.

Alloy Z Card

Why Alloy?