Yotta Ltd Brexit Contingency Plan

  • 24th September 2019 at 12:32PM
  • Written by Nick Smee, CEO at Yotta
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Yotta does not expect the UK leaving the European Union (“Brexit”) to have any impact on our customers’ use of Yotta’s hosted online environments.

Solely provisioned within the UK

Our Alloy platform is solely provisioned within UK based data centres and no customer data is transferred or held outside of the UK.

MayriseOnline and Horizons UK customers will be able to transfer data into and out of our current online environments based within the EEA (including into and out of the UK) in the same manner as they currently do.

Horizons EU customer data is held solely within data centers located within the EEA and will not be affected.

Alloy and Horizons customers outside of the UK and EU will remain unaffected as all data is held within their own specific regulatory region.

Current Government advice

The UK Government has confirmed that it plans to automatically treat the EEA as compliant subject to an ‘affirmative Adequacy Decision’ by the UK.  So personal UK data can be held in and still flow to the EEA.

Accessing UK produced data held within the EEA

In the event of a “no deal” Brexit, customers holding personal data from the UK within AWS (Amazon Web Services) environments located in the EEA can rely on the UK government’s confirmation that all EEA countries are “adequate” for the purposes of personal data flows and that additional safeguards are not required.

The UK government has also confirmed that it recognises Standard Contractual Clauses as providing an appropriate safeguard for international transfers. Customers transferring personal data from the UK to Regions outside of the EEA can rely on the Standard Contractual Clauses in the AWS Data Processing Addendum. Amazon Web Services guidance is available here.

You can read the UK government’s guidance on data flows after Brexit here.