• 27th October 2016 at 12:00PM
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Whilst working within Local Government, the Asset Management team sought partners to undertake surveys, to supply asset management software and to provide consultancy services; nothing extraordinary, so why on many occasions were Yotta the provider of choice?

The decisions to engage providers took into account not only the price of products and services but importantly, also elements of quality. When pricing was competitive between providers, quality became the differentiator. The important point here is that delivering quality is about addressing the needs and expectations of customers. The quality one customer expects from a product or service will vary from that of another and it is the skill of the provider to understand and meet the customer’s expectation of quality.

Within the highway authority we were concerned to develop a modern, robust Asset Management function using innovative solutions and, working with like-minded forward thinking professional partners, deliver value in Highway Asset Management. Yotta positively supported the development of our asset management approach by delivering a quality exceeding our expectations.

In the 1980’s Dr Noriaki Kano, a quality management guru, developed a model describing attributes of quality with regard to products or services:

Basic Need                        

Threshold attributes which customers expect to be present.

Performance Need       

Performance attributes which are not absolutely necessary, but which are known about and increase enjoyment.


Excitement attributes which customers don’t even know they want, but are delighted when they find them

Applying Dr Kano’s model it’s safe to say that the more we understood Yotta and their products, the more excited we became! Yotta offered a comprehensive range of leading Asset Management products and services, collectively beyond that of any other provider, with vision for innovation and continual improvement whilst keeping a finger on the pulse of best practice. Delightful!

I now have the privilege of working in Yotta’s team, together we deliver quality, Asset Management solutions, supporting our customers to achieve their desired outcomes. As we develop and grow, the skills of the Yotta team become more diverse, none the less an innovative and collaborative culture exists across the organisation, the team regularly getting together to share knowledge, concepts and ideas inspiring the development of pioneering products and services.

Integration now exists between our Horizons and Mayrise systems  provides a solution pairing maintenance and asset management information. Our Survey and Professional Services teams work together to understand customers’ requirements and deliver surveys, analysis and lifecycle planning directly supporting them to effectively maintain their assets, target performance and make the case for funding to senior decision makers. These joined up approaches are just examples of how Yotta provides customers with end to end solutions.

Working within a Local Highway Authority, Asset Management team taught me an enormous amount about the true context of delivering highway services in local government. I experienced first-hand, the complexity of operating within a political environment, dealing directly with customers to understand their issues and concerns and working to tight financial, legislative and environmental constraints to deliver best value in asset management.

Most of you will be fully aware of the continued financial pressures on highway asset managers during the current austere times and of the drive by central government to embed Asset Management and secure best value through such initiatives as the Highway Maintenance Efficiency Programme and DfT Incentive Fund. By working closely with our customers, having open dialogue to understand the objectives of their organisations and the requirements they seek to address I know that Yotta will continue to meet their quality expectations and deliver best value when it is in such demand.

It is now my privilege to use my past experience and, with empathy, understand how we at Yotta can deliver quality to each of our customers working with them to achieve the outcomes they seek.