• 26th October 2015 at 12:00PM
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With the press filled with news about the ‘top tech’ companies and all the brilliant ‘perks’ of working for them, recruiting and managing technical and commercial talent in the UK technology & software industry often comes with conflicting ideas.

While in many cases we would love to follow the ideologies of Netflix, Apple or Google to inspire creativity, in reality we are bound by the processes driven by ISO, UK employment law and the sector we operate in.

We want to recruit innovative, creative thinkers and inspire them to create the next big thing, but the big question is: are we in an industry that top talent aspires to be part of?

The answer is yes, but it’s our job as innovation leaders to change the perception that surrounds asset management, highways and infrastructure and inspire those with experience (as well as those entering the job market) to want to be part of that change.

I would like potential employees to see the benefits of working for a SME such as ours, to understand the tangible difference they can make to the business and the exhilaration of seeing their hard work making a genuine difference to way in which public money is spent. Be that through developing ground breaking software, providing exceptional Professional Services or supporting the commercial/administrative functions of the business.

As we fast approach 2016, Yotta has its eye on developing some home-grown talent in the form of setting up a formal graduate scheme. Using the knowledge and experience of our incredibly talented team, we hope to offer some exceptional students the opportunity to be part of our continued growth and success.

Yotta has been on a considerable journey in the 6 years I’ve worked here and as we go from strength to strength, we want to be recognised as the industry ‘Employer of Choice’ (a term I find myself using on an almost daily basis).  How do we do this? We maintain our integrity as we grow, we offer flexibility, great benefits and a culture focussed on innovation and modern management….and perhaps most importantly, we offer the best products and services available in the market.

We have big plans for 2016 and our staff remain the backbone of our success.