• 26th August 2016 at 6:14PM
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Last week my pub quiz team won the quiz for the first time by one question. I will ask you this question now and at the end of the blog I will tell you the answer. What is the colour of a road stud on the right edge of a motorway or dual carriageway?

I was a relatively lucky graduate to get a job straight after university (and just before the financial crisis) as Yotta were looking to take on students at that time for data processing roles. My role at the beginning was to use our company’s Nano software to process video surveys and add assets to those as required by the client for their management. After being on temporary contracts I was offered a permanent role. I believe this was due to three things and they are my attention to detail, my willingness to ask questions and communicate and my friendliness to others. These are three qualities I believe I possess and that Yotta as a whole has developed during this time.

Travelling the length and breadth of the country without driving or even leaving my seat in the office.” The title of this blog seems an impossible task but it is what I have achieved during my time at Yotta as we have processed and verified asset management surveys from all over the country from Leicestershire to London, from North Ayrshire to Brighton and even beyond the UK to places like Austria.

One example of data processing would be mapping every sign on a client’s network from our videos and adding attribute information such as measurements and what category of sign it is; the specification for this is then verified before sending the data on to the client.

The data for all Yotta Asset Van and SCANNER processing surveys (a separate department looking at condition data) initially arrives from our surveying vehicles on hard disk drives, which I archive in a library and pass on to the relevant staff when they require them. This hard drive data is then stored for a number of years.

Occasionally, I am also required to cover the front desk on Reception where it is possible to connect remotely to my computer upstairs and continue my processing work whilst greeting visitors and answering calls. I find this a nice, sociable change to my usual desk upstairs where I need to fully concentrate on the projects at hand.

The company as a whole has evolved and grown a lot since I first started. I have seen several people join the Yotta team and the company has definitely gone on a journey from its bedrock as a mainly highways surveying company, to a forward and lateral thinking company selling its own software and building its own vehicles to the latest requirements of the customers and the accreditors respectfully. There has also been an emphasis on employing best practice by audits taking place at intervals and also adopting a green approach offsetting carbon footprints.

Despite the growth of the company though and the diversified approach the company still delivers data to the detailed quality standard a client expects. Yotta is constantly striving to improve itself and the software by providing consultancy and support to clients after delivery – such relationships continue to be beneficial at both ends later on. These qualities of attention to detail, communicating, resolving issues and good working relationships internally and externally I believe are at the heart of Yotta’s success as a business, and are also similar to those reasons I mentioned at the beginning of this blog that the company seeks in its workforce. I look forward to what he future holds for Yotta as it continues to into a new phase of expansion.

At the beginning of this blog I asked you a question about what colour road studs on the right edge of a motorway or dual carriageway are, and the answer is of course amber (something none of the drivers in my pub quiz team knew) so I learnt something in my 8 years at Yotta I wouldn’t have known otherwise!