Derby City Council Win

  • 7th March 2014 at 9:08PM

Derby City Council Choose Yotta Horizons Software to Support Streetpride Initiative

06 March 2014 – Derby City Council has selected Horizons visualised asset management software from Yotta to support a range of highways initiatives and new working practices. The purchase of Horizons software follows the Council’s decision to bring highway maintenance back in house after almost twenty years.  Derby City Council will use Horizons to manage a range of essential highway data, including survey data from Yotta, facilitating decision making and improving service delivery.

Derby City Council announced its decision not to renew the £4 million per year term maintenance contract in February 2012 and the new in house service started in August 2013. Since the service started, the Council has demonstrated that highway maintenance work can be done more efficiently in house with productivity levels and quality increased while costs have reduced. This move is set to save the Council £300,000 a year; which will be reinvested in the highway network.

David Bartram, Head of Highways and Engineering commented, “The maintenance of our roads and footways is vital in keeping the city moving and to ensure the safety all users of the highway.  In these lean times we are always seeking ways to make our existing funding go further.  The new in house service is modern, lean and efficient and is already delivering good quality, safe and cost effective maintenance which is more flexible, manageable and accountable.”

Underpinning this new service will be asset management software from Yotta. The Horizons solution will host a range of highways data, including asset video and road condition surveys. Horizons will be used to integrate, visualise and deploy across the organisation up to date essential service information, informing decision making and driving performance improvements, efficiency gains and cost savings.

Horizons is a highway Software-as-a-Service (“SaaS”) asset management platform designed to make it easier for asset managers to visualise, manage and optimise all their asset management strategies and records in a unique and effective way using a single cloud-based solution. Since launching to market in 2012 Horizons has experienced significant growth in sales in the UK with customers including Highways England, the London Borough of Richmond and Lancashire County Council name just a few. Yotta has recently launched Horizons in the US.