Horizons Win: Telford & Wrekin

  • 16th April 2014 at 9:06PM
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Horizons software is helping Telford and Wrekin Council reengineer their approach to highway asset management. The highway asset management solution from Yotta will be used to provide organisation wide access to essential highway data informing decision making and forward planning. Aspirations for the newly implemented solution also include the addition of asset inventory data and integration with other related service areas including development control, street works and drainage.

“Our existing system for managing and utilising condition data was coming to the end of its contract. This, coupled with recent developments and initiatives such as Whole of Government Accounts, the review of funding formulas for highway maintenance and the pressure to achieve efficiency gains, meant we had to consider all options available to enhance our asset management approach,” commented Dominic Proud, Interim Group Manger – Transport, Strategy and Road Safety at Telford and Wrekin Council. “It soon became apparent that if asset management is to be undertaken properly investment in appropriate data and software was required.”

“From the initial presentation of Horizons it was clear that this software would significantly enhance our current capabilities around asset management” continued Proud. “Horizons provided quick and easy access to all information and allowed spatial analysis of data to feed into prioritisation and forward planning programmes, for example.”

The recently implemented Horizons solution will initially host all of Telford and Wrekin Council’s existing highway condition data. Once calibrated to the network, Horizons will also be used to develop treatment strategies, life cycle planning and whole of life costings. The Council also plan to use Horizons to develop a forward works programme for the improved delivery of highway maintenance.

“Horizons is already providing a return on investment compared to our previous solution due to its enhanced functionality,” concluded Proud. “This will help us be more efficient in our road maintenance planning and allow us to consider the wider impacts of maintaining the highway. Horizons is also improving the way we communicate time critical service information to senior managers, Council members and the public.”

Horizons is a visualised Software-as-a-Service (“SaaS”) asset management platform designed to make it easier for asset managers to visualise, manage and optimise all their asset management strategies and records in a unique and effective way using a single cloud-based solution. Since launching to market in 2012 Horizons has experienced significant growth in sales in the UK and with customers including Highways England, the London Borough of Richmond and Lancashire County Council, to name just a few. Yotta has recently launched Horizons in the US.