Launch of In-Cab Waste Solution

  • 4th February 2015 at 8:31PM
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A new in-cab waste management system is set to transform the delivery of refuse collection services. Mayrise In-Cab uses a vehicle mounted mini-PC to integrate with the Mayrise Waste back office system giving frontline staff access to the latest service and reference information. Utilising GPS, mobile and WiFi technology the Yotta solution further supports crews in the field with real time messaging, reporting and event logging. The integrated mobile and back office system also allows office based staff to monitor the progress of crews in the field with their location and logged events displayed in real time against a map backdrop.  It is thought this latest addition to the Mayrise Waste product portfolio will help increase operational efficiencies, improve customer service and reduce unnecessary paperwork and administration.

“Giving frontline staff real time access to essential service information is crucial for the delivery of high profile council services such as refuse and recycling collections,” commented Nick Smee, CEO of Yotta. “By integrating the In-Cab solution with our back office Mayrise Waste software crews can pick up new jobs as they are allocated, report potential issues, such as blocked streets or breakdowns, and record service problems, for example non presented bins or contamination. This information can then be shared in an easy to interpret visual way using the map backdrop.”

Yotta’s Mobile Waste is an In-Cab module for managing all types of waste collection including domestic refuse and recycling and commercial waste collections. The system uses a vehicle mounted mini-PC, which has both mobile and WiFi connection capability, to communicate, on the move, with the Mayrise Waste back office system accessing live service information, street maps and gazetteers.

Once logged in the In-Cab system can be configured to ensure crews undertake daily vehicle and equipment checks before selecting their round. A summary screen then presents an overview of the day’s tasks, including total number of streets and properties to be visited as well as a continuously updated summary of progress. All actions, including the type of collection, streets, properties and sequence of the round, are defined in the back office system and information can be displayed on the in-cab device as a list or against an in-cab map display.

Messages generated by either customer service or back office staff using the Mayrise Waste system automatically ‘pop up’ on the in-cab screen and must be acknowledged before the user is allowed to return to previous screens. Urgent messages can be prioritised with specific actions allocated; these must be completed before the user can continue. Collection crews can also send messages back to the depot allowing them to record and report any potential service issues that can then be used to support customer facing staff when dealing with reports or complaints from members of the public. Issues such as blocked streets or accidents that may impact on other crews can also be shared.