Yotta Software in Northumberland

  • 29th January 2014 at 9:10PM
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Northumberland County Council has implemented a new waste management system from Yotta to help improve service delivery, increase operational efficiencies and boost customer service. The Mayrise Waste Management software was chosen after rigorous testing and market evaluation with the final selection based on ease of use, compatibility with other systems and expandability.

“We selected Mayrise Waste Management software as it ticked all the boxes,” commented Paul Jones, Head of Waste and Fleet Management at Northumberland County Council. “We wanted a single ‘corporate’ solution that could offer us an improved waste management system that had the ability to integrate with our customer service system Lagan, was easy for customer service and front line staff to use, but which also had the potential to incorporate other Council’s services such as highways maintenance, street lighting and cleansing’.

As a result of local government reorganisation six Borough Councils and one County Council were combined into a single unitary Authority in Northumberland. For waste management and reporting this required the integration of seven individual management systems and seven sets of working practices. Following an extensive review it was decided that a single system for waste management reporting and processing would benefit both the Council and its residents.

“Although it is still early days we are already seeing service enhancements. The Mayrise Waste Management system is improving management of refuse collection rounds, allowing us to monitor our performance and record feedback from both crews and the members of the public. We have been able to automate many administrative and management tasks as well as requests from residents including missed bins and bulk collections,” continued Jones.

Mayrise Waste Management from Yotta is a comprehensive solution for managing refuse collection and street cleansing operations. It enables the fast, efficient handling of enquiries, the monitoring of performance and the management of rounds and ad hoc requests. The software also easily integrates with mobile devices, third party software used by contractors and can be live-linked to customer contact centres, GIS and other back office systems using advanced web technology.