Yotta’s Award Winning Project

  • 25th November 2013 at 9:14PM
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Street lighting software from Yotta has been an integral part of an award winning project by Suffolk County Council. The part night lighting project, recently awarded Highways Magazine’s Excellence Award 2013 for Environmental Sustainability, has achieved cost savings, lowered carbon emissions and improved maintenance efficiencies.

“The use of state of the art software from Yotta has been crucial to the success of our part-night lighting project,” Electrical Services Manager for Suffolk County Council Richard Webster commented, “and therefore our success in these awards. However the benefits for residents of Suffolk have been much greater with significant financial savings and environmental gains having been made.”

Yotta’s Mayrise Street Lighting software was implemented in order to support Suffolk’s aspirations to be the greenest county in the UK following cabinet approval of a part-night lighting policy. In conjunction with a Telensa Intelligent Lighting System, Mayrise Street Lighting was used on mobile devices with barcode readers to link newly installed telecells on street lighting columns to the centralised Mayrise asset database. The integrated Mayrise Telensa solution also allows for real time fault reporting, improved maintenance, and the introduction of an out of hours service for emergency services allowing, if requested, areas to be relit.

Supported by the integrated Mayrise Telensa solution the award winning part-night lighting project was delivered on time and under budget by nearly £25,000. Cost savings are £641,000 per annum compared to an estimated £550,000 and a reduction of 3,300 tonnes of carbon has been achieved. In addition Suffolk County Council’s maintenance contractor has calculated carbon savings through maintenance efficiencies and reduced fuel consumption of around 300 tonnes per year.

The Highways Magazine Excellence Award for Environmental Sustainability was presented to the organisation, highway authority or partnership that was able to demonstrate consideration of environmental issues within a project. Award criteria included proven improvements in sustainability in the highway environment with examples such as carbon footprint reduction, local environmental benefits, use of sustainable material, reduction of CO2 cited. The winning project must also have involved the community through liaison and consultation.

On the award to Suffolk County Council the judges commented, “An excellent cost saving scheme using sustainable solutions, which not only improved the local environment and reduced light pollution but demonstrated crime doesn’t increase when lighting is reduced.”

Nick Smee of Yotta said, “We’re really pleased to have been an integral part to the success of this project and have been able to contribute not only to the cost saving but also the reduction in carbon emissions.” Smee went on to say, “We will continue to apply our trademark mix of innovation and expertise in order to play a key role in the development of the Street Lighting Industry.”